Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stop Ordering California Rolls

I don't wear any black. I try to avoid black in my wardrobe like the plague. I know black is a great color and works for others but to me wearing black is like ordering the California roll when eating sushi.  The California roll is the safe secure mundane option. It will taste good even at a bad sushi place, but it will never be memorable. If you go to a really good sushi place I recommend ordering off the menu, taking a risk and a gamble and usually you end up with a great memorable experience.

To me eliminating black from your wardrobe is like ordering off the menu. It may be riskier and harder to do. It may be a gamble, but it certainly will be more memorable.  So I say take a risk, step away from the pack and stop wearing black.  Or at least stop wearing it so much. Stop making safe choices.

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