Monday, January 10, 2011

Gant Rugger

We have featured a few videos from Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian and in our opinion they are putting out the best new clothes around, including and surpassing the stuff by Billy Reid (which on a side note is not well tailored, the fit is off on most everything I have tried on, while beautiful I think Billy Reid misses the mark).  Gant Rugger is a little more my style then Gant by Michael Bastian.  It is flannel shirts, twills, chambray and corduroy.  Solid denim and hand loom oxfords.  Gant Rugger is American and rugged and honest.

Their clothes have an honesty that is nice to find.  A shirt that is made to be rugged with the right material and cut, without any bogus or fake fashion flairs.  It just feels authentic and classic.

The sweaters are muted colors that would work now or 10 years from now.  They stick to classic patterns and colors and fabrics.  The risks are not taken in the colors or the designs, but instead in not conforming to the trendy fashion rules and instead being authentic and classic, letting style not fashion speak for the brand.

Additionally, the clothes are impeccably tailored.  The shirts fit brillantly and balance the line between slim and natural cut with percission.  The jackets are modern fit, but without feeling like a Thom Browne mimic.  They also have natural cut shoulders and slim peak lapels.  The pants and denim are well made and well tailored, but only come in one length.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Miansai Bracelets

Another option for bracelets is the rugged stuff made by Miansai.  They make bracelets out of bullets, fish hooks and climbing rope.  This stuff certainly will not be seen as your girlfriends jewelry and it can be worn with a suit or that flannel shirt.

The bracelets are simple and definately modern, but use classic simples of manihood and masculine hobbies which tricks the eye into believing that the stuff is vintage.

The bracelets are not orderly, or plain but they are also not a over done or extreme.  They just seem to work.  And best of all most of the bracelets are under a $100 dollars, with the rope bracelets coming in at around $50-$70. 

If these are worn with a complimenting bracelet from David Yurman, the look is quite impressive, if I say so myself.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street in London has been making men's clothes for quite a while.  I know a lot of our readers like their clothes and I have to agree with them.  The prices are reasonable and the style is classic.  Aside the the inane need for bad puns like: "suited and booted", the website has a great selection of clothes and nice sale items.

Take this houndstooth jacket, it is great for work or a casual first date.  It is classic but with a slightly larger than normal pattern making it modern and stands out from the crowd.  Got to love the ticket pocket and tapered waist line.  It has double vents as a good Brittish jacket should and the pockets are slanted as the dandys like.  Great jacket.

Another good option is this unstructured navy twill jacket with patch pockets.  It takes the blazer and makes it casual.  You can throw this jacket in the corner of the room and not have to worry about it, which is the beauty of unstructured and unlined jackets.  Ever man needs one of these.

They also feature this beautiful royal blue velvet jacket.  The jacket has peak lapels which make it slightly more formal than is usual for the casual velvet fabric.  That formality makes it perfect for a day at the office (assuming you're not a lawyer or banker) or for a date.  The peak lapels also accentuate the shoulders making them appear broader which for more most men is a big help.  It also has the double vents and slightly slated pockets which add to the beauty of the jacket.  It's rare to find a velvet jacket like this one.

Let's just hope the geniuses at Charles Tyrwhitt stick to clothes and stay out of the pun business.  I don't think my eyes can take another "suited and booted" joke without causing a vomitious reaction.

Friday, January 07, 2011

More Inspirational Fashion Films - Gant by Michael Bastian

I think Michael Bastian is a great designer, his clothes are cool, modern and attractive.  So are the films about them.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Boden - A British Option

For years in England, Boden has been a top source for reasonably priced well designed clothes.  Thankfully, it is also an option for us here in America.  Boden USA is a source for great clothes with nice flairs and pops of color.  If you can get over the three week shipping time frame for any purchase, you should be able to enjoy their collection of clothes.

Below are some of the outfit ideas they had on the website.  I like the way the outfits stay in one color scheme without feeling boring or reduntant.  Of course this is done by mixing up the patterns and textures and adding pops of color.  Enjoy the looks and hopefully it inspires more experimentation in color blocking.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Simon Spurr Fall 2010 - A Video

Apparently I am on a video kick.  I hope you enjoy this one of the best new designer, Simon Spurr.  His jeans are the best made.  Check out the Pipe cut jeans, amazing.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

David Yurman Bracelets

Men's jewelry is a touchy subject, some men can make it work, most won't even try.  But if you feel inclined, I highly recommend the attempts.  There are many ways to start, but one of the ones that can be easily attempted and accomplished is with David Yurman bracelets.  Some of his stuff is audacious and overly feminine, but other pieces have just the right amount of masculine charm and classic looks to be effective for your first foray into men's jewelry.

Make sure you pick a piece that works with your personal style and then wear it, all the time.  Get used to it and make it part of you, just like a good watch or shoes.  Soon you won't want to leave home without it.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Gant Rugger It's All About Fit

The best part of luxury brands is the fit. A lot of brands can make a good looking shirt, or a nice pair of jeans. As an example every season Banana Republic or J.Crew has an item that is worth purchasing. Its true that luxury brands provide nice accents and details to a shirt or an extra well placed pocket on the pants. Or a button that is sewn on differently, they get the details. They understand the chambray lining on the inside of the shirt. But other brands can get the details right as well. Luxury brands used to stand out with quality, which still holds true, but advancements in manufacturing has changed that. Although nothing will ever beat a hand sewn suit or a single needle shirt, at least not at this point.

But still the best quality and the most noticeable quality of a luxury wardrobe piece is the fit. A luxury suit fits perfectly on the chest, shoulders and arms. It certainly doesn't have any blousing. Luxury denim is tailored to fit the body and change with the wearer. A luxury suit is impeccably well tailored. Everything fits the way it should fit without a need for even a belt. That is what Gant brings to the table. Luxury in every way including and especially fit.The old loom oxfords are the perfect mix between purposeful dishevelment and classic conservatism. The sweaters evoke Scottish rolling hills and perfectly damp winter days. The denim is refined and distressed but never too much if either.

Even with all the charm and style of the wardrobe, it wouldn't mean anything without the luxurious fit. If you want to know how a shirt should fit, go try on the Gant Rugger old loom Oxford.  Now that is a shirt.

Just enough artful dishevelment to make us all happy.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Morris Stockholm - What a Life

Brands are notorious for trying to promote a lifestyle, but most of them come across as ridiculous or outrageous.  Abercrombie comes to mind, they promote a lifestyle with their clothing but it's a life of washboard abs, shirtless escapades and homoerotic games of tackle football.  This is not exactly a life I can relate to or I would call aspirational.

But someone like Morris Stockholm, they promote a lifestyle with their clothes.  A lifestyle that includes refined elegance and an ellusion of filled bank account and a long tradition of taking the yacht out or trips to Wimbledon.  The Morris Stockholm lifestyle is one that I can support, and for some reason feels attainable, if I just have the right sweater or the right red socks.

Take a look at the inspiring Morris Stockholm collection and journey with me to the world of jaunts to the Swiss Alps and overnight excursions to Venice, Italy.  It certainly helps that the clothes are spectacularly gorgeous and the colors juxapositions are eccentric yet attainable.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sperry Boots

We all love our Sperrys for the summer, but the look doesn't translate well to cold weather.  But if you turn the Sperrys into chukka boots and make them suede, now you have something that can hold up to the layers and textures of winter.  These boots look like they are appropriate for the cold days of winter, without looking forced or phony.  Maybe it is the rust colored soles or the ice gray color, but whatever it is, I want them.