Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thomas Pink Joins the Real World

I love a nicely pressed shirt and crisp suit more then most men, but I also enjoy a good over-washed oxford with frayed cuffs.  To dress appropriately for the modern era a man must be able to move between informal and formal clothing flawlessly.  A man wearing a suit everywhere looks like an out of touch dolt.  A man who dresses too casual conversely is rarely taken seriously.  A modern dignified male must dress appropriately for all situations.

That is why it is always nice to see a great brand like Thomas Pink recognize the need for quality informal clothing.  This is a trend that we have seen already with brands like Brooks Brothers and Gant and now with the formal clothing experts at Thomas Pink.

Their new line of aptly titled "Informal" shirts and sweaters are perfect mix between relaxed comfort and classic conservative style.  A mix that we are always looking for.  Classically modern.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am sure you have heard the hype that is surrounding SeaVees.  While I am not one to jump on the hype wagon, with SeaVees, I can understand why the are so appreciated.  Modern sneakers with simple clean lines, good colors, classic shape and textures.  While SeaVees are more of a summer shoe, these can work well year around in temprate climates.

Out of the three shoes featured, the navy blue leather kicks are the best of the bunch.  Clean and simple to the point of being classic and conservative.  These shoes look like something the Kennedy's wore to Martha's Vineyard as much as something worn by surfers to Venice beach.  Now that is what I call a versatile shoe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Clae shoes, the essence of the modern kick, simple, plain, elegant.  Clean lines, interesting textures, good construction and a great profile.  With the clean classic styling to this shoe it could be worn with jeans or dressed up with chinos.  This shoe would work with shorts or support a hefty fall wardrobe of flannel and layers. 

With this shoe, it is the flannel texture with the gray leather accents that really provide the visual intrigue.  Its all about the depth and warmth that this shoe which is complimented with the basic and attractive profile.  If you are looking for a sneaker for fall, take a look at Clae.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Red Wing's Flying Away with It

When it comes to winter boots, again and again we turn to Red Wing.  For winter shoes you first need a shoe that will hold up.  After that you and only after quality can you look at style.  In the winter it doesn't matter how nice it looks, if the shoe isn't durable, water proof and warm, who cares.

Red Wing boots are a staple in quality boots and they look good, that means they are worth buying.  As with any good dress shoe, boots should hold up for years no matter what you put them through.  Red Wing boots will be good for years.  Drying them out after the snow and the rain, and wear them again and again.

Especially nice when they come in interesting options like blue leather or chukka boots.  Basically, if you don't have a pair, buy yourself some Red Wing boots.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Timberland Steps It Up

As an attempt to not miss the party, which is stylish and fashionable clothes, Timberland has decided to make some shoes that widen their appeal. Timberland under the brand name Timberland Boot Company has decided to make some shoes that not only standup to what any brand offers but actually surpass many.

Timberland has released an Oxford shoe and a Chukka Boot. While the Oxford has appeal, it is the chukka offering that stands out. Presented in a brown and black leather with a slightly distressed look the shoe looks like it has been worn for years. It delivers a refined look without being stuffy or pretentious. Exactly what we look for in a boot.

While his boot would be perfect for jeans, it could really set off a nice flannel or corduroy suit in the fall months.