Thursday, April 14, 2011

High Quality Low Cost Suits

Wall Street Journal featured an article today on the lower coat suits, how they are higher quality fabrics, better made and competitive with higher end suits that cost three to four times as much. They specifically compared these "low" end suits to the likes of Giorgio Armani and depending on the manufacturer the suits miss the mark or not.

Two things to note with the article, first off, J.Crew suits ranked well. High quality fabric, machine made suits, well constructed and a solid performer. Good comparisons considering the cost.

But the real winner and biggest take away was how the suit performed. It was ranked equal to the Armani suit in every way. The Armani suit is over $3K but the SuitSupply suit was just over $600 at $614.

SuitSupply had great fabrics, amazing construction and almost no noticeable difference when compared with the Armani. SuitSupply offers three levels of suits ranging in price from $320 to $610. They make suits that are Super wool 150s to wool-cashmere blends to linen to linen-cotton or linen-wool blends.

The suits are slim fitting, with good portions on the pants, the jacket and the sleeves. The high end versions have Italian natural shoulders, slanted ticket pockets, double back vents and working button holes on the sleeves. They have high quality lining, horn buttons, free moving construction and rakish designs.

The suits come with classic colors, subtle patterns or crazy designs. They also have suits in summer wools and linens or classic wools. The fabrics are all from Italian mills and will hold up for years.

Basically SuitSupply has proven they are the best option for your next suit and everyone after that.

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