Thursday, April 15, 2010

Essentials of a Work Wardrobe - Belt

The perfect belt for work is a simple reversible belt with black on one side and brown on the other. The buckle head swivels to the side that will match the chosen shoe color. The belt and shoes should always match and this belt helps ensure that. It also makes it easier for travel, making one belt the only need to switch between two pairs of shoes, the ones you are wearing the ones you packed.

Reversible belts also ensure that you can buy a higher quality belt and wear it daily, as opposed to buying two lower quality belts. The highest quality belts have leather that starts out stiff and will loosen with wear. This is key for long term use of the belt. Lower quality belts start out pliable and only get more pliable with time. They also have a tendency to crack or split. Another common fault of cheap belts is a buckle that is loose or less effective. The more it is worn, the worse it gets. For a belt, which is worn daily, this is quite troublesome.

One additional thing to address when buying a work belt is the color of the buckle. Do you prefer silver, gold or a dark graphite color for the buckle? This is often based on the color of the watch and  jewelry metal that you wear. The most modern look and the most versatile is a dark graphite buckle. It will go well with silver or gold and does not stand out when wearing it. This is a great trait for belt buckle, since we are not wearing cowboy boots and tight jeans. We recommend a simple graphite buckle, it will work with every outfit in the closet.

The best companies for belts are the same companies that sell shoes, for the most part. We recommend looking at: Bass, Ben Silver, Cole Haan and Johnston & Murphy. For lower quality belts check out: Macy's.

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  1. You are recommending Cole Haan as one of your higher quality belts? AHAHAHAHAHAHa

    Keep reading - there is advice here.

    Anyways, since you insist on using the name Sprezzatura, again, do some research, you should know that Italians (well dressed) very rarely wear black shoes. This is Sprezzatura - wearing brown in the city. Although you do not understand the word and think overdone details like bracelets define Sprezzatura. Anyways, no self-respecting man should own a two tone belt ... or a graphite buckle for that matter.

    Take from me, an insider and personal friend of some of the people you profile, your heart is in the correct place but you need to work on your education in the subject matter.