Friday, September 10, 2010

Timberland Steps It Up

As an attempt to not miss the party, which is stylish and fashionable clothes, Timberland has decided to make some shoes that widen their appeal. Timberland under the brand name Timberland Boot Company has decided to make some shoes that not only standup to what any brand offers but actually surpass many.

Timberland has released an Oxford shoe and a Chukka Boot. While the Oxford has appeal, it is the chukka offering that stands out. Presented in a brown and black leather with a slightly distressed look the shoe looks like it has been worn for years. It delivers a refined look without being stuffy or pretentious. Exactly what we look for in a boot.

While his boot would be perfect for jeans, it could really set off a nice flannel or corduroy suit in the fall months.

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