Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thomas Pink Joins the Real World

I love a nicely pressed shirt and crisp suit more then most men, but I also enjoy a good over-washed oxford with frayed cuffs.  To dress appropriately for the modern era a man must be able to move between informal and formal clothing flawlessly.  A man wearing a suit everywhere looks like an out of touch dolt.  A man who dresses too casual conversely is rarely taken seriously.  A modern dignified male must dress appropriately for all situations.

That is why it is always nice to see a great brand like Thomas Pink recognize the need for quality informal clothing.  This is a trend that we have seen already with brands like Brooks Brothers and Gant and now with the formal clothing experts at Thomas Pink.

Their new line of aptly titled "Informal" shirts and sweaters are perfect mix between relaxed comfort and classic conservative style.  A mix that we are always looking for.  Classically modern.

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  1. Its good to see designers creating a look for "casual" yet trendy looks.. Thomas Pink shirts are hands down one of the best in my looking foward to purchasing a few of these shirts.. nice article.