Friday, September 18, 2009

Style Profile - Chuck Bass (Gossip Girls)

I can't believe I am doing this, but I love the style too much to not do a profile on it. Chuck Bass a character on Gossip Girls has a fantastic dandy fashioner style. The wardrobe plays with bold colors, strong prints, well tailored suits, sprezzatura and aggressively pushes the boundaries of style. The look is a combination of classic style and modern chic fashion. It is a perfect mix of dressing classically while pushing the limits of what is possible with fashion. If the outfits make you angry or uncomfortable, that is the point. They are bold, cocky and arrogant while being classical and stylish. It is an amazing accomplishment to be this dandy, fashionable and classical. My hat is tipped to the stylists on Gossip Girls.


  1. I heart Chuck Bass, my favorite character on that show and your description of his style is dead on. It definitely lets you know what kind of man is wearing the clothes.

  2. OMG u r so right i love his character and also his style most guys cant pull this look off but he does a great job with it...