Thursday, December 30, 2010

Carhartt Now More Than Ever

I have always loved quality and functionality.  I think they are both essential to my personal style as I like to buy something and wear it for years.  That is why I always recommend building a wardrobe on classics and not fashion.  But sometimes style and fashion converge, as we are seeing now in the rugged workman and lumberjack looks.  So now more than ever I recommend Carhartt.

Carhartt has made the best work wear for years.  Classic, durable, and great for cold weather.  The stuff can stand up to the worst abuse or the coldest conditions.  I highly recommend the Carhartt Chore Coat, as shown above.  It comes with blanket lining and a great classic look.  Suitable for a casual cold day around the city.  Wear it with jeans and a flannel or chambray shirt.

I also think they make a great looking vest and jeans.  The vest is not the horrible vinyl shiny look that you see everywhere, but instead a nice simple plain design.

The jeans are worker jeans.  They are relaxed fit and baggier than what is trendy but I like that right now, for an occasional variation to the slim fit jeans.  Go with the Duck Brown and wear them with Red Wing Boots, they will look better with boots, as they look like the belong worn with boots.  Just don't wear the jacket, vest and pants at the same time, that is just wrong.

So if you want classic and durable go with Carhartt and forget the APC colaboration with them, it just feels too forced.  Since when have the French and workwear ever mixed well?

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