Thursday, November 19, 2009

Henley adds a casual cool

A henley shirt is certainly a fall essential.  As wearing a henley by itself with jeans, always looks good but is way too easy.  So let's focus on the other ways to wear it.

Throw it on under a button down shirt.  Leave the top three or four buttons on the shirt undone and you have a nice layered look.  Dress up that look with a blazer or dress it down further with a leather jacket.  On warmer days just wear the henley and button down.  If you want to roll up the sleeves be sure to keep the henley pushed up on your arms and showing slightly with the sleeves rolled up further than the sleeves are pushed up. This will acentuate the layers and keep the outfit visually intriguing.

This picture shows the style.  While I would roll up the sleeves more, you get the idea on why the look can be so appealing.

Another way to wear a henley is under a vest.  It always looks nice, rugged and casual cool to throw on a henley a vest and a sport coat.  Pair it with jeans and boots and it is a sartorial contradiction that is quite appealing.

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