Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drape Cut Suit

Everyone has their preferences with a way a suit should be cut. I personally think a softer edge to a suit makes a person look more approachable and it wears beautifully, gracefully draping the body rather than protruding in sharp angles. While I prefer a Drape Cut, I do feel the angular Continental Cut or "Power" suit has its place, especially in the boardrooms of Corporate America.

The difference between Drape Cut and Continental Cut is quite obvious, it all about the angles. In the picture of Luciano Barbera in his Drape Cut tweed suit, you can see how the jacket flows like water. It flows with the body and the movements of the body, falling naturally. The suit has natural shoulders and body structured by excess layers of cloth rather than rigid canvas. The suit looks as if it would fall into pile on the floor if it were not being worn. While a Continental Cut looks as if it would stand up on its own. The Drape Cut provides a smooth, natural and approachable look to the outfit, which if tailored correctly is quite striking in it own way.

With the Continental Cut below, the shoulder pads look quite rigid and dangerous. The suit provides a rough and angular edge to the look.  Subconsciously we see angular things as dangerous and evil... think about how all of the Disney villains are drawn, they all have angular bodies and faces.  Disney draws the good guys with soft natural lines. This is presented with the Continental Cut suit, but sometimes, that is exactly the look you want to promote. Especially in a cut throat Corporate world, an
angular suit may really help you out.

Know which suit goes best with certain occasions and wear it accordingly.

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