Friday, November 13, 2009

WTF - Thom Browne

I understand that commonly the only way a designer thinks they will get noticed is by producing the avante garde. The stranger the outfits the more they are discussed. While I think it is quite ridiculous, I am sure there is truth in the statement. Yet I feel there are limits. Call me conservative or boring, but some of the runway designs are a waist of good time, fabric and quite frankly oxygen.

Check out some of the designs that Thom Browne designed for his Fall 2008 line. They are memorable for their insanity, but that is about it. They certainly do not encourage me to try on a Thom Browne suit the next time I see one at a store. I will also be running away from any Thom Browne stores as I do not want to get attacked by a giant Turkey or be forced to compete in a three legged race against dead people. Yes sir, it looks like someone did too many drugs before designing these clothes.

Enjoy the laughs!

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