Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jack Olive - British Menswear in New York City

British Menswear brand inspired by sport of Cricket.  That's the tag line for the men's store on Mercer near Broome in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC.  It is a small boutique with a great store feeling and nice looking clothes.

Jack Olive clothes are made mainly in Italy, which hopefully eludes to high quality clothing.  The clothes are inspired by the game of Cricket, so it is all very preppy and haughty, just way I like it.

They have some fantastic silk ties, some around the 3" wide mark, as we know that is the appropriate tie width.  The ties have the feel of British prep school ties, single, double and triple stripes as well as checks.  My favorite item at Jack Olive is the navy linen blazer with beautiful pewter buttons that have crests on them.  I enjoyed the use of pewter instead of brass, as the buttons still felt quite classic while not be as flashy as brass buttons.

Jack Olive unfortunately is not selling clothes via eCommerce yet, but they do have plans to do so in the, hopefully, near future.  They do have a website that shows off the clothes a little, frankly it is a good song and a nice idea, but the clothes are represented poorly.

Look out for Jack Olive, we may be seeing more from this brand in the future.

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