Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Big Night Out - Rock N' Roll Chic

 Recently, we discussed the best night out jackets and that research came in handy today. I am going to the Grammy Awards Nominations Concert, tonight, and I needed a jacket for the occasion.

I spent a while debating with myself on what the outfit for tonight should be. Considering this is a Grammy's crowd, not the Oscars crowd, there was no need for black tie attire. The Grammy's is the Rock N' Roll or Hip Hop Awards show. It is a modern, young, hip crowd. Trendy, fashionable clothes
are everywhere. A well tailored suit is never out of style, but I felt like be a little trendier tonight. Especially since the suit I have in mind I am wearing this weekend to the Company Holiday Party.

That left me with deciding to go for a jacket, jeans and button down shirt. I went with the gray velvet jacket from Express. It was on sale for $115  and came in a tailored and slim fit and in my size is quite well fitting. It has slim arms and narrow lapels, both are great details that make the jacket feel modern. I am especially impressed with the slim arms, as they make the entire jacket look trimmer and are a detail that is often forgotten with most retailers.

With the velvet jacket I am going with plain dark blue jeans. No fading, no distressing, just classic denim in a modern trim fit. As we have preached, the best modern cut is the slim straight fit. Not too skinny and definitely not too baggy.

For the shirt I am going with a 7 Diamonds black shirt, with French Cuffs.  It is a slim fit shirt and has a simple and nice stripes on the shirt. The buttons are gray iridescent, which is also a nice touch. I am wearing Gold Knot cuff links with the shirt.

To finish off the outfit are plain cap toe oxford black oxford boots. I should look appropriate for the event while not looking super trendy.  Classic lines and simple designs. This outfit is not flashy, or try hard, which I am sure will be a popular combination among the crowd.

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