Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Morris Stockholm: Spring 2010 Collection

In this cold weather, what better to look at then Spring clothing?  Morris Stockholm released their Spring 2010 Collection, which is below.

I enjoy the bright colors and color combinations that Morris Stockholm present.  The pastel color pattern is full use.  I admire the bright pastel F' 'em pants, they are slim straight and modern cut.  I also like the lavender tennis sweater.  I always enjoy tennis sweaters and this one is a great representation of the sweater.

The tan cotton suit has a modern silhouette.  The addition of the green driving moccasins is a nice addition to the slim silhouette one button suit.  I personally do not enjoy the dark shirt paired with the suit.

More of the same, high contrast colors.  Rolled pants and sockless shoes, seems to be consistent heading into the new season.  I enjoy the red fabric belt used in this outfit.  The mix of orange, red, pink, pastel green and kelly green in one outfit is very inspiring.  The reasons those colors work, is because the greens are in the same family and the orange, pink and red are in the same family, which means it is essentially only a mix of two color families.

More brightly colored F' 'em pants, which look great.  The pink shirt balances the fuchsia pants well.  The blue tie with pink and white stripes is a classic color combination.  For a sprezzatura flair to the outfit, the green belt is a great addition to this preppy outfit.  This is a look that I can see Chuck Bass rocking, for sure.

Well, at least the girl in this picture is pretty.  Not much more to say about the it.

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