Friday, December 11, 2009

Reader's Question: Pocket Squares

John O. from Los Angeles asks:

"Do you know any good and affordable sources for (1) silk paisley pocket squares, and (2) white linen pocket squares with hand-rolled edges?  I got my white linen squares from Schweitzer Linens, but for some reason the linen ones have machine hemmed edges.  The cotton ones seem to be hand rolled, but I didn't buy cotton ones (nor do I plan on buying any plain white cotton squares)."

Thanks John for the question.  I find that a great place to look for pocket squares is at Bloomingdales.  In store they have a wide selection of pocket squares, in the suit section near the ties.  It is one of the larger pocket square sections.  The Bloomingdales brand silk pocket square is sold for around $22.  It has hand rolled edges and come in great patterns and colors.  They also usually have a few pocket squares on sale as well, I have found some great ones for about $10 a square.  Good luck find a helpful sales person, but that story is told over and over again.

Online I find that a great place for affordable pocket squares is Sam Hober.  They make bespoke neckties as well as carry a huge selection of ready made ties & pocket squares.  I found a couple paisley pocket squares on the site that I felt were quite handsome.

This blue paisley is perfect for winter with its dark rich colors.  It is sold on Sam Hober for on only $35.  The coloring would be great to accent a dark red madder tie.  It would also compliment a gold or olive tie.  This square would work well with gray or navy suits well since it has such a universal navy base color.

The olive green paisley square above can also be found on Sam Hober.  It would go great with a navy or blue tie, gold or yellow tie and a dark red tie.  A bright red tie with this pocket square would look too Christmas like.  You could also wear it with a dark forest green necktie.  I think this square would pop out best in a navy suit, but you can never go wrong with a gray suit.

Sam Hober also has a beautiful hand rolled white linen pocket square.  This linen pocket square is sold for $40 and is a weave with considerable weight.  Some white linen pocket squares have much thicker and rougher thread, which makes the square less refined.  A white linen square should hold a crease well and add a clean, crisp, strip of color to a suit.

You might want to also check Lands End and Men's Wearhouse online.  Both of those retailers has pocket squares ranging from $15 to $10.  The Lands End pocket square is above and the Men's Wearhouse square is featured below.

A linen square should always be folded and ironed into a perfect square for display.  A silk pocket square should be dropped hap-hazardly into the breast pocket.  They should be worn differently and provide a different edge to the jacket and look.

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