Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Boots: Warmth in Style

Utilitarian style is certainly a departure for the typical business man.  Aside from a trench coat or over coat to protect him from the elements, most modern men do not utilize utilitarian clothing on a regular basis. The suit and tie are certainly far from utilitarian and while a sweater adds warmth and style, it would be hard to call it utilitarian.

Yet some utilitarian pieces are so iconic, they themselves become stylish: motorcycle jackets save your hide in a fall and look great, Sperry Topsiders keep you on your feet while on a wet sailboat, and duck boots keep your feet warm and dry even in the heaviest rain or snow storm. The look of each of these items is designed to help facilitate the task in question. A motorcycle jacket is made from rugged thick leather, it has padding in all the right places and is streamlined so that nothing will catch in the wind.  Topsiders have rubber soles with wavy cuts in the sole to help prevent slips, they are designed to get wet, holding to the foot better as they get wet, since the feet are sure to get wet they are designed to be worn without socks, as no one enjoys wearing wet socks.

As for duck boots, the soles help provide traction in the snow. The rubber, water proof sole wraps from the bottom of the shoe upward to cover the vamp.  Halfway up the vamp the leather upper boot begins, covering the foot and leg in warmth and water protection. The boot is typically fur lined and has a water resistant lining. Sorel the maker of the infamous Caribou boot, a variation on the duck boot rates the boot for up to -44 degrees.  This boot will keep your feet warm and dry. In addition to the great utilitarian value the boot offers, it also is quite stylish. The iconic look of the duck boot means that you can stay out of the elements and look good while doing it. Nothing flashy or ostentatious, just plain old utilitarian style, a man always looks good like that.  In my opinion the best looking and most functional pair of duck boots is manufactured by Sorel.  There Caribou boots sell for $110 and may be on sale for a few bucks less. These are the pair I choose to cover my feet.

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