Monday, January 03, 2011

Gant Rugger It's All About Fit

The best part of luxury brands is the fit. A lot of brands can make a good looking shirt, or a nice pair of jeans. As an example every season Banana Republic or J.Crew has an item that is worth purchasing. Its true that luxury brands provide nice accents and details to a shirt or an extra well placed pocket on the pants. Or a button that is sewn on differently, they get the details. They understand the chambray lining on the inside of the shirt. But other brands can get the details right as well. Luxury brands used to stand out with quality, which still holds true, but advancements in manufacturing has changed that. Although nothing will ever beat a hand sewn suit or a single needle shirt, at least not at this point.

But still the best quality and the most noticeable quality of a luxury wardrobe piece is the fit. A luxury suit fits perfectly on the chest, shoulders and arms. It certainly doesn't have any blousing. Luxury denim is tailored to fit the body and change with the wearer. A luxury suit is impeccably well tailored. Everything fits the way it should fit without a need for even a belt. That is what Gant brings to the table. Luxury in every way including and especially fit.The old loom oxfords are the perfect mix between purposeful dishevelment and classic conservatism. The sweaters evoke Scottish rolling hills and perfectly damp winter days. The denim is refined and distressed but never too much if either.

Even with all the charm and style of the wardrobe, it wouldn't mean anything without the luxurious fit. If you want to know how a shirt should fit, go try on the Gant Rugger old loom Oxford.  Now that is a shirt.

Just enough artful dishevelment to make us all happy.

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