Monday, January 10, 2011

Gant Rugger

We have featured a few videos from Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian and in our opinion they are putting out the best new clothes around, including and surpassing the stuff by Billy Reid (which on a side note is not well tailored, the fit is off on most everything I have tried on, while beautiful I think Billy Reid misses the mark).  Gant Rugger is a little more my style then Gant by Michael Bastian.  It is flannel shirts, twills, chambray and corduroy.  Solid denim and hand loom oxfords.  Gant Rugger is American and rugged and honest.

Their clothes have an honesty that is nice to find.  A shirt that is made to be rugged with the right material and cut, without any bogus or fake fashion flairs.  It just feels authentic and classic.

The sweaters are muted colors that would work now or 10 years from now.  They stick to classic patterns and colors and fabrics.  The risks are not taken in the colors or the designs, but instead in not conforming to the trendy fashion rules and instead being authentic and classic, letting style not fashion speak for the brand.

Additionally, the clothes are impeccably tailored.  The shirts fit brillantly and balance the line between slim and natural cut with percission.  The jackets are modern fit, but without feeling like a Thom Browne mimic.  They also have natural cut shoulders and slim peak lapels.  The pants and denim are well made and well tailored, but only come in one length.

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