Sunday, January 09, 2011

Miansai Bracelets

Another option for bracelets is the rugged stuff made by Miansai.  They make bracelets out of bullets, fish hooks and climbing rope.  This stuff certainly will not be seen as your girlfriends jewelry and it can be worn with a suit or that flannel shirt.

The bracelets are simple and definately modern, but use classic simples of manihood and masculine hobbies which tricks the eye into believing that the stuff is vintage.

The bracelets are not orderly, or plain but they are also not a over done or extreme.  They just seem to work.  And best of all most of the bracelets are under a $100 dollars, with the rope bracelets coming in at around $50-$70. 

If these are worn with a complimenting bracelet from David Yurman, the look is quite impressive, if I say so myself.

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