Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Art Gallery Trip

I went to an art gallery show last night. Quite interesting artist: Tomory Dodge and Jennifer Steinkamp. It was at ACME gallery in Los Angeles.

The art was not spectacular but good, in my opinion nothing was that memorable, but the people were great. As always they were hot and sexy; hip and interesting. Most of the women had a good fashion sense, albeit quite trendy. But the guys were anywhere from slobbish to unremarkable. One guy looked great in his jeans and black button down with gold rimmed glasses. The glasses were quite stylish and classic looking and leapt off his face as they contrasted nicely against his dark skin.  His glasses made the outfit.

I wore a velvet black jacket, cotton black striped vest, a white washed (not wrinkled) shirt and an un-done tie. The tie was skinnier than I would wear for business as the event called for a trendier look. I wore slim fit light wash ripped jeans and black oxfords, which were on the chunkier side. I also topped it off with a white pocket square.

Since the event was at night I kept the colors basic and let the textures do the work for me. Pairing the silk tie, cotton vest, velvet jacket and washed shirt together made everything had a different texture and look making it visually interesting and inviting.  The texture kept the outfit interesting to the eye in lue of interesting color combinations.
The projection work is done by Jennifer Steinkamp.  They are all computer generated artwork that are on loops of 2 to 4 minutes long.  Tomory Dodge's pieces were all done on paper, they were either watercolors or collage pieces.  He is more known for his large scale oil paintings, which in my opinion are much more spectacular.

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