Sunday, October 25, 2009

Benjamin Bixby

Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000, has his own clothing line that he designs.  Said clothing like is named Benjamin Bixby, sold in Bloomingdales & at the flagship store in Atlanta.  It would make the most sense that the ATL would be home of the flagship store, since it is Andre Benjamin's home town.

Benjamin Bixby is a line with it roots in Southern Gentlemen style mixed with old fashioned classics.  The Bixby line has beautiful Linen suits, cardigans, and polos.  Some of the other pieces are more inspirational, but it certainly is a well thought out line of clothing.  It has a very unique and definite voice.  The clothing channels Andre Benjamin's own personal style.

I look forward to the release of the Fall 2009 line of clothing.  I would like to see how the line progresses.  I hope the line continues to look good.

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