Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York City Trip - JCrew Tribeca

I have decided to add another location to my NYC shopping trip.  As I have discussed, I will be visiting the Uniqlo flagship store in Soho, and since I will be down that way I figured I would go up to the J Crew store in Tribeca.  It is the flagship J Crew store and really quite beautifully designed.  It is the epitome of the J Crew style and store has a similar feel as the clothes, dignified, modern and preppy.  The store from the pictures I have seen online has a Sprezzatura element which has always drawn me to their clothes.

I am certainly not expecting to see anything at the store that I wouldn’t find online or at another location, but I would like to at least see how it feels.  Do they have any additional perks?  Are the store workers more knowledgeable?  Or is it just good clothes in a good location?

I am still looking to add to my list of stores to visit, if anyone has any suggestions please free to email me:

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