Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping with Megan Fox

This weekend I wandered over to American Rag.  A vintage store in Los Angeles, on La Brea just south of Beverly.  The store is a big vintage store, with a nice variety of styles and pieces.  As well as a furniture store, a cafe and a denim bar.  American Rag also had a section of over-priced clothes sold at luxury retail prices.  This combination of offerings along with the friendly staff and good music make it quite popular, for good reason.

The store had some fantastic finds, especially in the denim bar and vintage shop.  The denim bar had a wide variety of jeans, but my favorites were the raw denim.  They carried at least 7 different brands of raw denim jeans including, APC, RRL, Nudie, Stronghold and others.  Each company making the denim in their own weight and cut, my favorite after trying them on were Naked & Famous.  Well cut jeans, pure raw Japanese Selvedge Denim and no embroidering or stitching or washes or gimmicks to take away from the jeans.  These jeans are just that, jeans.

I also enjoyed the collection of clothing at the vintage shop.  A nice selection of jackets, suits, oxford shirts and flannels.  The variety and size of the hat collection was stunning and belts were very cool, all naturally distressed.  Some of the shoes, especially the boots were quite memorable.  The jackets were the items that stole the show.  They had a great collection of velvet jackets and tuxedo jackets.  They also had some beautiful peacoats and overcoats.

My favorite was a wool peacoat in a black and white herringbone, just my size for $300.  It was magnificent and a show stopper for sure.  It was lined with dark fur had leather covered buttons and fit like a tailored coat.  Quite a special piece and something that would be worn maybe twice a year, if your lucky, living in LA.  But for traveling, the coat would be immensely useful.

As for the title of this blog, I saw said Megan Fox while I was shopping their.  She seemed hurried and frustrated, but conspicuously alone.  I am sure she was with someone, but when I saw her headed to the changing rooms, she did not seem to be with anyone.  I gave her an unrequited smile and hello and left it at that.  I think my ego is better off for it.

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