Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bespoke shirts have arrived, kinda

The bespoke shirts I ordered from Michael Sahi are finally in my possession again. The shirts were  actually finished back in early December, but I placed them under the tree, rather than wear them  immediately as was my initial impulse. Since the shirts were my main Christmas present along with a surprise bookcase, they tantalizing sat under the tree for a month.

I acted surprised when I opened them up and immediately took them to be laundered. They are freshly pressed and ready to be worn. Just in time, as I have a client visit this week which will require a suit and tie, perfect occasion for shirts that are meant to be donned for such events.

The shirts are a combination of button down collars, regular spread collars and full spread collars. They all have great bespoke details like my initials, MTP, embroidered on the sleeves in a bold  complimenting color and mother of pearl buttons. I choose barrel cuffs for versatility as these shirts are meant to be worn with and without a jacket and for everyday use.  French cuffs are saved for shirt only worn with ties and a suit. All of the shirts fit perfectly, no blousing at the waist and no extra fabric on the sleeves. I had the arm holes raised to give them a slimmer more modern fit.

Finally, I have my bespoke shirts and I feel dapper because of it.

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