Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dressing in a Zen like Approach

The perfect men's outfit lives in the zen like place that exist between not trying and trying.  Not trying results in a slovenly outfit a kin to a hungover college student or a homeless man.  Trying too hard results in a tense, perfectly measured and overly contrived outfit.  No mistakes, no imperfections, excepts the lack of them.

The zen like approach is when it is just done.  The studying of style and etiquette has been done, the wardrobe has been selected meticulously, the tailor has made sure every piece fit properly and closet has been vetted of the unneeded, the unkempt and the unattractive.  Then the outfit that is created, is an outfit that just happens, it just exists, it lives somewhere between not trying and trying too hard.  It has its flaws, its eccentricities, its favorabilities, it nether perfect nor imperfect.

For me the perfect outfit exists in that zen like place.  The work is done in the preparation of the wardrobe, not in actual outfit.

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