Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Style Profile - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has a modern hip style.  He balances a look that effortlessly flows between suits and casual wear, while looking equally as sharp in each.  Part of the ease comes from each outfit being situation appropriate, which is key to any free flowing style.

Timberlake has been able to own certain looks which highlight his style while not defining it.  He often wears fedoras, three piece suits and cuffed jeans, but these elements are not needed in each outfit for Timberlake's style to be complete.

Timberlake also utilizes variations on these key pieces, pairing a cardigan sweater with a leather jacket and tie.  This is a great variation on the three piece suit.  The sartorial contradiction in this outfit, is what I personally appreciate.  The cardigan sweater and leather jacket are not typically worn together, it is this unusual pairing that makes the outfit really stand out.

Here are some additional looks from Timberlake for you to enjoy and gain inspiration from.  He may be one of the better dressed young celebrities in Hollywood.  Hopefully, if our youth emulates his style, our next generation will have a cool and good looking sartorial style.

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