Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four-In-Hand Make the Best Knots

Deciding on which tie knot to wear or not wear is a fundamental and defining decision of a man's style. Each tie knot has its advantages and gives the man a different feel and aura to his outfit. In my opinion the clear choice is the Four-In-Hand tie knot. The Four-In-Hand is a classic knot that is inherently imperfect and flawed, a built in element of sprezzatura in an otherwise impeccable outfit. The Four-In-Hand never looks the same two times in a row, the dimple rarely falls in the center of the tie and the knot can leave the tie askance slightly, all major benefits to the Four-In-Hand knot.

In my opinion the Full Windsor and Half-Windsor knots are too symmetrical, too balanced and too perfect. A man's outfit should never look too perfect, as he may come off as unapproachable, affected and vain. The perfection of the these tie knots becomes a detriment for a man that does not want his
outfit over power his personality. The large size of the knots can also create an unbalanced and un-proportional look that will be unflattering.  This is why I highly recommend and only use the Four-In-Hand knot. It is also a versatile knot that looks great with the perfect 3" wide ties as well as ties that are wider and skinnier.

The Four-In-Hand knot also looks great with normal collars or spread collars, as well as finished or loosened at the end of the day. The Four-In-Hand allows for variation, while other tie knots only look good with a suit. The Four-In-Hand loves hanging with jeans as much as starched collars and three-piece suits.

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