Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Style Profile - Gitman Vintage

After reading the recent GQ I noticed Gitman Vintage popped up a couple of times and on items I really liked.  I immediately had to check the website and was enamored with the style and design that emanates from the brand.  All of the clothes are vintage inspired clothes both in pattern and texture of the shirts.  They certainly show the timeless quality of a great shirt and simultaneously prove not everything from the 80's was un-stylish.  The Gitman Vintage Spring/Summer 2010 collection is inspired by Spring/Summer 1984.  I guess people in the 80's were cool.

The brightly colored are a great addition to the chambray shirts that are hopefully already hanging in your closet, if not, then pick up a Gitman Vintage gray chambray as well.

I have always enjoyed seersucker shirts and suits, since they don't wrinkle ever.  It is even easier to love seersucker when they look this good.

If a handshake can tell you the kind of man you are dealing with, the same can be said for the oxford when it comes to designers.  Oxfords are that essential to every man's wardrobe.  Gitman Vintage does the plain oxfords well, but I personally love there striped oxford.

Gitman Vintage has created a great selection of cotton poplin shirts, every color and design that a man would need.  These would look great under a suit for a modern pop on your favorite suit or could go well with jeans or khakis on a casual weekend.  No matter how you wear these shirts, they are cool and stylish.

Personally, I have never seen a patchwork madras that I would ever wear.  Most of them are so hideous I can not disassociate myself from them fast enough.  Well, that is until I saw this patchwork from Gitman Vintage.  It is perfect for a vacation in some beach town or for a day on the boat with shorts and topsiders.  If you don't own a boat, at least with this shirt you can look like you should.

Whatever your favorite shirt, Gitman Vintage certainly can add some style to your wardrobe and hopefully it can be as timeless as this collection.

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