Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Style Profile - Ign Joseph

Sometimes a fashion statement can be as simple as brightly colored socks.  Ign. Joseph has created a fantastically eclectic and unique style out of exquisite shoes, navy blazers, gray slacks and socks that pop with color.  Ignatious Joseph makes great shirts and clothes, they are well tailored and come in bold colors and patterns, without losing their classic feel. 

The bright burgundy shoes and bold socks seem to fit perfectly with the classic feel of the rest of his outfits.  And since the socks and shoes are so powerful, it seems appropriate that the pants don't reach the shoes and in fact are tailored to expose his bold decisions. 

Normally, I would frown upon the dramatically shortened pants, but Ign. Joseph owns the look and makes it seem quite normal.  Even without the shortened slacks we all can learn to brighten up an otherwise ordinary outfit with a bold choice in hose.

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