Friday, January 29, 2010

Burn the Black Suit

You are not a mobster, a kingpin or a part of the uncivilized masses. You are not a badly dressed news anchor, an executioner or a rock star and because of this, you should not dress like one. Stay away from black suits, they have no place in any well dressed man's wardrobe. The only exception being the Tuxedo, which most men do not own. Even a man that wears a suit only for funerals & weddings, should own a nark navy or charcoal gray suit for the occasion.

No black suits, this is a hard and fast rule for any well dressed man's wardrobe. It is one I follow strictly, dismissing even the black odd jacket as improper. Black is a harsh and drastic color, it does not compliment the shirt, tie or the man. Instead it stands apart from the shirt and tie as unit that is separate from the entire outfit. Black being the absence of all color does work very well with many of the great color combinations that men can employ with a shirt and tie. Greens lose their luster, pinks become
a harsh color, yellows looks downright awful and blues are ordinary, when matched against a black suit. While black is an important color to any man's wardrobe, it is just not appropriate in a suit.

Stick to the gray & navy suits as the base to the suit wardrobe, expand then into tans, blues, browns and greens. These additional colors will keep the wardrobe interesting and your style fresh and modern. Leave the black for the unkempt masses and stay the sartorial superior of your peers. Burn the
black suits and stick with the classics.