Friday, March 19, 2010

A Deeper Dive into LL Bean Signature

LL Bean is a classic American brand with clothes that embody the East Coast and being an Outdoorsmen. They kept those roots with their new offshoot, LL Bean Signature. The difference is the line of clothes has been developed by Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery and a former LL Bean employee. Carleton, pictured above, modernizes the classics, slims down the fit and puts a few classics on their ear, especially shoes. Typically when designers get involved the prices sky rocket, but thankfully in this case LL Bean keeps the prices grounded, intelligently keeping the brand within reach of most consumers.

At Modern Dignified we are enamored with the Buck Chukka, a combination between the classic Oxford Buck and the Desert Chukka Boot. It combines two similar shoes into a mix that is both unique and stylish. Carleton had the foresight to realize the popularity of both shoes and the genius to combine them. This is really a standout piece for only $115.

Also notable in the collection are the shirts, while they are not hugely divergent from classics in most closets, they fit well and are priced well.  The Washed Oxford in plain or gingham is selling for a moderate $49. The gingham oxford also comes in a sharp looking yellow and a classic red.

Another example of the good prices is the Striped Mariner Polo, a classic nautical look that is selling for $29, a price usually reserved for polos on sale in the winter. The Sportsman Madras Plaid button-down goes for $55.  It is nice plaid pattern and is worth the price, but it also doesn't pop in
the same way as madras and plaid shirts from brands like Gitman Vintage, Band of Outsiders and J Crew.

Overall, LL Bean Signature has a few pieces to compliment the closet as well as one or two stand out items, but overall it underwhelms especially considering the hype around the brand.

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