Monday, March 08, 2010

No "Gilt" in Shopping Luxury Brands

Recently, I stumbled across Gilt Groupe an online fashion website that sells luxury brands at steep discounts.  It is true overstocks, sold often for more than half off the sticker price.  Originally the brand started with high-end women's clothes and then branched off into men's (Gilt Man), children's and home decor.  Currently, they are even featuring sales on sunglasses, shoes, Visconti pens and even luxury hotel rooms.

Each sale only lasts for a few days at a time, with limited numbers available at each size.  This means that the items are sold out fast and the most popular sizes are gone quickly.  Gilt Groupe will send an email to members (membership is free) signaling that a sale has started, this means first come better selection.

Logging on for the first time Modern Dignified found a sale for Tommy Hilfiger.  This featured Tommy Hilfiger suits, sport coats and slacks.

The wool pinstripe charcoal suit, which retails for $600 is being sold for only $218.  It is a beautiful suit, slim fit and at a price tag of only $218, well less than half the cost, it is a steal of a deal.  Absolutely worth the price for anyone in need of a great basic suit.  Charcoal pinstripe suits are nearly the most versatile suit a man can own, aside from a plain charcoal suit.

The wool birdseye brown suit is another solid suit.  The suits color makes it right as an extension to the basic suiting options.  Once again, the price is too strong to pass up at $218, discounted from the $600 retail tag.

The Tommy Hilfiger navy plaid double breasted suit is also selling for $218.  The suit has a classic 6x4 button closure in front.  We would recommend leaving the bottom button in the front undone, all of the other buttons should be secured.  For a man that has been reluctant to add a double breasted suit, but still wanted to have one in the collection, this suit is a great compromise.  It is has a good cut, good lines, classic look and a price that can't be beat.  Too bad our size was already taken.  It is certainly a modern day version of the DB suit.

The sport coats and blazers are selling for $138 discounted from $350.  The slacks originally are $125 and are now selling for $58.  The wool herringbone check blazer in brown is a classic look with a modern fit and style.  It is a reasonable price to pay for a well designed wool jacket.

Gilt Groupe and in turn Gilt Man provides three or four photos of each item and allow for zooming, to further examine the garment.  Quite useful for a website with no store locations.

Gilt Groupe provides "Gilt"-free shopping of the top luxury brands.  Enjoy.

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