Thursday, March 04, 2010

More Spring Essentials - Sperry Topsider

Sperry Topsider is an iconic piece of footwear and has been worn by generations of men on sailboat or by men who wanted people to think they had a sailboat. Due to this Sperry Topsider is synonymous with summer, the beach, boats and sailing, excess money, stylish blokes and everything that comes with that lifestyle. At least that is the heritage of this iconic shoe.

Now, new versions of the shoe are available with slight changes to it's historical roots, but it still represents the same ideals and it still has the same classical style.  Ever brand from J Crew to Band of Outsiders is taking a stab at redefining the boat shoe. While some of the new iterations are quite modern and stylish, there is still something romantic about a pair of weather beaten, salt water soaked, wind whipped Topsiders.  J Crew's version of the Topsider is distressed to simulate this stylish look.  At Modern Dignified we opt for the natural wear and tear of Topsiders, since this is more unique and authentic.   (To speed up the process spend a day at the beach in the Topsiders, wearing them in the water and letting them dry out in the sun. Add a couple of similar trips and the shoes will have accelerated wear and tear).


Band of Outsiders opt for a more colorful suede version of the Topsiders.  They also are infatuated with making Topsiders into Chukka boots.  They come in a mixture of colors and textures, but still keeping the iconic nature at the heart.

Sperry has also re-designed a few versions of the Topsiders, including a tieless, slip-on version of the shoe. This version comes in various shades  of brown suede, but unfortunately does not come in the color navy. At Modern Dignified we feel that Navy Topsiders are the optimal color choice. Classic, different than any other shoe in the closet, distinguished and slightly arrogant in the same way as a pink shirt and seersucker suit or a pair of bright F*** You pants, the Topsiders have a little bit of everything.

While it is hard to make a bad choice when it comes to a pair of Topsiders, we prefer the classic Navy, which by the end of July will have worn in look that we desire.  Keep it classic and rock the Topsiders.

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