Friday, March 05, 2010

Florsheim by Duckie Brown

There a lot of classic brands doing collaborations with top designers recently.  LL Bean has teamed up with Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery, J Crew has teamed with Mister Freedom, Sperry has teamed up with Band of Outsiders and Florsheim has teamed with Duckie Brown.

The new grouping of shoes labeled the obvious, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, are an alternative and hipster version of the classic dress shoe.  Some versions of the Duckie Brown shoes are quite exclusively designed, like the bright yellow wingtips and bright aqua blue suede shoes.  Really where are you going to wear those shoes?  While other versions of the shoes are stylish and quite wearable.

Duckie Brown takes a classic looking wingtip shoe, removes the laces and turns them into slip-ons.  It is a unique and different way to wear a classic shoe.  Due to the lack of laces and attractive design this is a shoe that we at Modern Dignified feel like would work well with jeans.  Especially since they come in colors ranging from gray to light brown.

Another quite wearable version of the collaboration is the canvas and leather wingtip combination shoes.  This design accents the wingtip design while keeping the shoe interesting and modern.

To help survive the summer heat, Duckie Brown created a classic looking shoe made out of perforated leather to keep the shoe breathable.  This provides a unique texture to the shoes.

Another interesting version is the metal studded oxfords.  These studded shoes walk the line between classic oxfords and punk rock boots.  These shoes have such beautiful and classic lines that these would look good with a suit or jeans, assuming it is not worn at a conservative event.

The Florsheim by Duckie Brown wingtips in oxfords and bluchers are quite attractive.  Classically designed with modern accents.  We at Modern Dignified would recommend staying away from the dark green and light blue versions of the shoes.  We also feel that the wingtip boots are stylish and practical.

All and all Duckie Brown and Florsheim's collaboration has some great shoes, just stay away from the odd colors and aggressive designs.  Let someone else be the one wearing the star spangled banner boot.

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