Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Power Color

So often people feel that power colors are red and yellow. It is said that wearing those colors in a tie or an outfit will bring others attention, make the wearer denote strength and importance. While at Modern Dignified we do not disagree, we do feel that there is a color that trumps all others. A color that is worn by the most powerful men in world as statement color.  That color is pink.

Pink is worn by powerhouse men of business and politics. Two professions where outfits are crucial to the way a person is perceived. If pink did not give the wearer an air of superiority mixed with confidence and kindness, then it would not be in their wardrobes.

Pink is donned regularly by Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton and even President Barack Obama. It is stylish and statement about their manhood and career. Pink is power personified.

Next time you want to come off as powerful, try going for a pink shirt, pink tie or pink accent.

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