Monday, March 15, 2010

The Unbranded Brand

"The Unbranded Brand is jeans with no name, no branding, no washes, no ads, no gimmicks. Just great denim at a great price! Wow, what a concept, only paying for the product itself... crazy, isn’t it?" That is written on the tag and on the website.  Basically, they are no nonsense jeans made out of rope dyed Japanese Selvedge Denim.

These are raw selvedge denim jeans, which means that they will stretch and become larger when you wear them over time.  They will also distress and mold to your body and how you move.  The longer you wear them without washing them, the more distressed they will become.  Washing them is like locking in the look.  

They come in three styles: skinny, tapered & slim straight.  At Modern Dignified we feel the best option is the slim straight, modern without looking like you borrowed your girlfriend's jeans.  

Typically raw selvedge denim jeans are anywhere from $120 to $250, but these are reasonably priced at only $78 a pair.  Currently, they are being sold at Urban Outfitters, but they will probably expand out with time.  They are a refreshing pair of jeans, just plain raw denim. 

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