Thursday, March 18, 2010

Style Profile - Vampire Weekend

We all know the typical Rockstar style, while it changes over the years, rarely is it a style that is transferable to people outside of the Rock star lifestyle. That is part of the reason that Vampire Weekend is so refreshing. They have a style that is fairly universal and can be embraced by most people. Not to mention they have good solid rock songs with catchy rifts and addicting melodies. Vampire Weekend is a modern rock band, with the style to prove it.

Vampire Weekend wowed the critiques and fans of music a like with their second album "Contra". It has a sound of their own that stems from a varied and eclectic mix of musical influences. It is neither completely modern nor completely vintage. It is unlike anything else on the radio, yet it is completely familiar. Vampire Weekend is catchy, but not pop. Emotional but not still light and fun. It is a contradiction that turns into good solid rock & roll.

Like the music, Vampire Weekend has a style that lives in an area not quite housed by any other band. They do not dress like Rock stars, or hipsters, or some other trendy classification of style. Instead Vampire Weekend owns a style that is a mix of styles, Hipster shoes and cardigans, mixed with East Coast elements like Pea coats and Buffalo Check, mixed with modern Preppy jackets and boat shoes. Vampire Weekend isn't playing dress-up or imitating these styles instead they are taking all of their influences putting them into an blender and coming out with a look that is uniquely Vampire Weekend.

Whether you like their music, or their style it is nice to see that they are not just a carbon copy of bands that preceded them but instead a band with their identity.

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  1. great band with great sense of style.. love them! and great blog by the way :)