Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Quick Oscar Notes

We will leave the best dressed and the critiques to others, frankly we are tired of it.  No one really cares and if you get it wrong at Academy Awards, there is no sympathy, hire a stylist and get it right.

Now what we did notice was a trend with the women that illustrates the point we have been continually been speaking about, artful dishevelment.  Women can use sprezzatura as much as men, we do not want to start covering women's fashion, but to use an example from the red carpet to explain how sprezzatura and artful dishevelment is done correctly.

Typically, women at events like the Oscars make sure their hair is perfect, orderly and combed to glossy shine.  They will plaster the hair to their heads with hair spray to ensure that not a hair will move out of place.  While this style was still seen, the younger and more modern looking women opted for an up-do that almost looked haphazardly thrown together, yet completely calculated and planned.

The likes of Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart had hair that was beautifully styled, yet it was not this helmet look of perfection but instead a more sprezzatura-esque look.  Their hair is put up but will in an imperfect way that looks accidentally magnificent.  When in fact, every hair is actually planned to be that imperfect.  It is stylish and calculated while giving off an air of nonchalance.  It is this essence that sprezzatura and Modern Dignified is trying to embody.

We also wanted to say a couple of quick thoughts on two outfits:

James Cameron, this is not a high school prom, no need to match your dates dress with a pocket square of the same color.  That is both tacky and sad.

Not a lot needs to be said of Robert Downey Jr. other than, please do not imitate of copy this look.  He looks like a clown and at that a clown that other clowns will laugh at.  It is a disastrous look of the highest order.

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