Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Band of Outsiders has been a top designer for a few years now. They have partnered with Sperry to make Band of Outsiders version of the classic shoe in some very not so classic versions. There clothes are peppering the pages of GQ and Hollywood movies, Youth in Revolt & Heaven Can Wait.  Basically, Band of Outsiders is getting the press they deserve.

As you can see in the Spring 2010 collection, as displayed at New York Fashion Week, Band of Outsiders are taking a new look at classic clothes.

They have really updated the classic nautical themed clothes with a new modern look. They are pairing Sperry Topsiders with suits and shorts a like and have the double breasted coat in there unique way.

At Modern Dignified, we really like the trim aggressive cut of the suits, especially the tan and white suits. These embody spring without even feeling like something that needs to be worn only in Miami.  Maybe it is the muted colors they pair it with, maybe it is cut, but either way, this is a winner look.

We also think that the trimmed down, slim cut, peacoat is quite unique. It is cut as trim sport coat would be but still has the classic double breast elements of a standard peacoat. Of course they make it in three classic colors: white, tan and navy. The navy is actually worn as a suit, which looks both classic and modern. It is certainly not a suit for business meetings, but instead a youthful, trendy suit to be worn on date with a trendy lady. We still feel that the classic peacoat should be securely kept in the wardrobe, but Band of Outsiders offers a competent alternative.

The black, single button, tuxedo is a great looking suit. We would opt for well polished black patent leather shoes over the Sperry Topsiders. The tuxedo is a well cut, modern version of the suit and one that keeps the classics in mind. It appropriately has peak lapels and enough satin accents that it can be worn to most formal attire events. We still feel the classics are best, but for the man who wants more than one tuxedo in his collection, this offers a great alternative. Though we aren't quite sure how many tuxedos any man needs.

We also dig the linen sport coat and shorts. Every man, especially a man living on the West Coast, should have a linen sport coat in his wardrobe. This is a good looking linen jacket in a modern Band of Outsiders fit.

Modern Dignified has a favorite new item that we just can't find, which is the crew neck athletic sweatshirt. The version we imagine is heather gray, with the same details seen in the 1970s on people like Steve McQueen. Well, it seems that Band of Outsiders has made a version of the sweatshirt. In
the Band of Outsiders case they wear it under a gray suit, as a very casual version of a suit. More on this item in the coming days.

Overall we dig the overall look the Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 line.  It is a great representation of classic style done in a modern way.


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