Monday, February 08, 2010

Reiss - A UK Brand That Gets it Right

I stumbled across Reiss a brand out of UK and found that they certainly get it right.  Most impressively is the brands suits, that range from $650 to $850 depending on the material.  Mohair is the least expensive and the most expensive is luxury wool.

The suits are slim fit and tapered at the waist as a good suit should.  They come in great colors, but do not come in stripes, checks or houndstooths.  Reiss lets the suits tailoring do the talking.  The suits have slimmer lapels and come in either one or two button options on the single breasted.  This makes for the most flatter look. 

Our favorites include the 4x2 Double Breasted suit.  The long lapels elongate the body and make the man look slimmer.  This is accentuated with the trim fit and modern sized lapels.  This is certainly how a DB suit should look.

The sharkskin gray suit, with a shimmer of blue is a show stopping suit.  The flap pockets are every so slightly slanted for an aggressive look that is further emphasized by the single button design.  Yet it is the color that makes this suit shine.  It is neither blue nor gray but instead a middle ground color that makes for a wonderfully versatile suit.  The navy knit tie, royal blue pocket square and blue oxford complete a perfectly conservative business look.  Stylishly conservative, wonderfully boring.  It really lets the suit do the talking.

The royal blue suit from Reiss is another suit that lets the color do the talking.  It is a much brighter blue than is typically seen with a navy suit, while not being ostentatious or provide flash backs of Miami Vice.  This suit is a strong color for business, but promises that you will not get lost in the shuffle.  A simple shirt and tie combo with a white pocket square complete the outfit, leaving the heavy lifting for the suit.  That's nice for a change.

Finally is the three piece suit with peak lapels.  The vest underneath matches also has lapels which is quite British and formal.  Once the again the color is well designed, a light gray that can be worn year around, since it is not too light or dark.  It is a color that will compliment almost any tie and shirt combination in the closet.  With the addition of the vest, it also gives the suit more life with all the versatile options on how it can be worn.

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