Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Subtle Sprezzatura - Socks Action

Subtle Sprezzatura is all about a simple way to break the rules and redefine an outfit. A subtle twist which crosses the line and rules without looking absurd and instead looks careless, carefree and artfully disheveled. For men the perfect way to put an outfit on its ear, add a hint of edginess and still look rakish, is with the ankle. Wearing bold and colorful socks or no socks at all, is an easy solution.

Not only does this look add an unexpected element to an outfit, it also is quite summery, especially when sockless.  Throw on a pair of white jeans and no socks or go sockless with loafers and you will not only look like summer, you will feel like it.


Some gentlemen tailor their entire outfit and wardrobes around bold socks, like Ign. Joseph.  Other use the bold socks to brighten a fairly mundane outfit.  This is Modern Dignified's favorite use of bold socks.  As shown here with a gray suit, white shirt and black tie.

Go boldly, go sockless, but go have fun with the ankle.

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  1. Couldn't agree more, colourful socks are an easy way for a man to add a little personality to his outfit without feeling uncomfortable, which so many guys do when trying something a little 'out-there.' No socks in spring/summer is something I was starting to look forward too, then woke up this morning to 5 inches of snow here in Glasgow, can't believe its almost March!
    Savile Joe