Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Essentials - Silk Knit Ties

At Modern Dignified we recommend that every closet should have multiple silk knit ties, which isn't coincidentally one of the best retro items of recent memory. This preppy classic is back with a vengeance. It is now slimmer, bolder and a great addition to any wardrobe. The silk knit tie adds texture to a suit and shirt combination, which makes the outfit more visually appealing. It also is a more casual, but still proper version of the suit & tie. While we would not suggest wearing this for power meetings, it certainly will not be shunned during a normal day at the office. The knit tie is a great way to throw a curve ball into an outfit and keep everyone guessing, especially if it has a bold pattern, a bold color or both.


The silk knit tie is perfect for spring, as it compliments linen, cotton and wool. The knit tie also is often the bold statement that an outfit needs to compliment the bold sun in the sky. Bright shinny days call for bright, bold colors, while the cold, dark days of winter call for darker, richer tones. Once spring hits it is time to break out the colors that come with some attitude.

Our favorites are the patterned ties for this spring. Whether it be polka dots or stripes the silk knit tie is certainly looks great with a pattern.  Currently a lot of designers and tie makers from Ralph Lauren to online tie retailers have knit ties in expressive patterns.


The knit tie do its unique texture looks equally good with jeans, a suit or a cardigan. Sometimes a standard silk business tie can look stuffy when worn with a more relaxed outfit, but the silk knit tie will instead just look cool. It is a fun tie to wear, a great tie to experiment with and it is now a Spring Essential.

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