Friday, February 19, 2010

Subtle Sprezzatura - Tie Clips

To further examine Sprezzatura in daily wear, Modern Dignified will be looking at subtle ways to express Sprezzatura, the artful form of dishevelment.  No man should be too perfect and this is particularly important in his clothes.  A man with a perfect outfit is considered flawed in ways he did not intend. He will come off as vain, stuffy, unapproachable and try-hard.  Sprezzatura is the graceful elegance of a looking effortless.  In reality this may be quite planned and calculated, but the attempt is to make it look quite the opposite.

We all know how mesmerizing effortless style and grace can look.  Sprezzatura is the Italian term for the art of making one's outfit look artful disheveled, without looking try-hard. Sprezzatura comes from applying subtle but deliberate errors, mistakes, sartorial contradictions to one's outfit. It is purposefully breaking the rules so that the outfit and the man do not come off as too perfect. Sprezzatura is also about not crossing the subtle line that prevents an outfit from looking sloppy or lacking style. At Modern Dignified we feel that small subtle Sprezzatura goes a long way, one or two elements are all an outfit needs. We also find that the more formal the occasion the small statements go a long way. In less formal circumstances broader and more aggressive the statements are needed.

One of the simplest statements of Sprezzatura that can be made is the slanted tie clip. It always looks careless (which is a good thing) and can work at the most formal of occasions. It is visually appealing and adds the needed element of error that every man's outfit desires. Since it is so subtle, additional elements will probably be needed for most men to make a dent in the perfection thing, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

With the slanted tie bar, it is recommended to try various techniques and angles to find what suits you best (pardon the pun). Does a drastically slanted tie bar work for you? Or are you more of a slightly slanted tie bar kind of guy? Either way, we certainly hope you are not a boring straight a cross kind of guy.

Be unexpected and keep them guessing.

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