Monday, February 22, 2010

Subtle Sprezzatura - Bracelets

To continue the Modern Dignified's look at subtle Sprezzatura techniques, we now look at the use of male jewelry. This is an arena that most men feel uncomfortable wearing anything more than a wedding band and a watch. There is no reason for a man to shy away from adding a bracelet to his outfit, they can be stylish, manly and are often worn by men that women swoon over. Take a look at these simple, stylish and elegant versions of the bracelet. It not only adds a little flair to the outfit, but it also a subtle bit of Sprezzatura, especially when worn with a suit.

Some men like Luca Rubinacci wear a lot of bracelets, day in and day out as part of his style. Others let one understated piece speak for itself. At Modern Dignified we feel that one simple piece goes a long way, but we aren't one to tell Rubinacci he is wrong.

To get the Modern Dignified endorsement the bracelet needs to be inherently manly, simple and made out of high materials like Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, Silver or Leather. The item needs to add a little bit of flair but never be flashy. Leave the diamonds, jewels and emeralds for the ladies.  Also, we feel that gold should also be left to the other sex, but copper is certainly acceptable. We have also found that simple colors are the best place to start and only after you feel comfortable with the idea should color be added, as always, with a very critical eye.

Onyx Beads make a statement piece that can work fairly universally. Above is a white version of the beaded bracelet worn with a tuxedo. It is a subtle statement that makes his impeccable outfit incorrect the perfect amount. And Uma Thurman seems to agree.

When picking the bracelet, make sure it is visually interesting without being overpowering. A simple curved nail or leather braided bracelet certainly fits the bill. These bracelets can even become a conversation piece.

The ID bracelet is a classic. It is such an iconic piece that it can even be worn at the most formal of business meetings, without a second thought.

Bracelets are a simple and subtle Sprezzatura for any outfit.

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