Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Great Color Combination

Purple Gingham and Navy Tie

While walking to lunch yesterday I passed a gentleman wearing a purple gingham shirt, navy silk knit tie & a cream colored jacket. It was a very cool, modern and attractive combination. I have been wearing a purple gingham shirt with a navy tie for a while, but the addition of the cream colored jacket really puts the outfit over the top.

Personally, I would wear the purple gingham shirt, like this one from J Crew, with a navy blue silk knit tie, like this one from Ralph Lauren. I would then throw on a cream and tan linen jacket to complete the look. This outfit would look good with navy slacks, tan or khaki pants or great with a pair of dark jeans.  However you wear the outfit you can be sure that this color combination works great, as is evident in this purple gingham shirt, cream suit and blue ground paisley tie. I would opt for a different colored pocket square, but it is an otherwise smart looking outfit. I think a white linen pocket square is the right choice with these colors, the crisp white would make the dark shirt and tie colors pop. It also avoids the outfit feeling to coordinated.

This is certainly an outfit combination worth stealing! Hats are off to the man on the street yesterday, he certainly has a nice sartorial sense.

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