Monday, February 01, 2010

Sprezzatura At Its Finest

Lapo Elkann exudes style. He makes bold statements with his outfits and always seems to own the looks with a cool confidence. I love the outfit captured here by the Sartorialist. Lapo wears a bold colored odd jacket that is impeccably tailored with a even bolder pink shirt. He adds a dark pink knit tie and linen pocket square for good measure. Elkann also adds some sprezzatura to the outfit by unbuttoning the cuffs on his sleeve, twisting his tie slightly and haphazardly wearing the pocket linen.

My favorite element of the outfit is the sartorial contradiction of the chunky motorcycle boots. The boots balance and ground the bright pink worn on top. They are interesting, have vintage appeal and anchor the look. It is the addition of the boots that really make the outfit memorable and manly.

This is an outfit that not all men have the confidence to pull off, but Lapo does it with a rebellious cool that makes us all wish we could.

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