Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Essentials - Bucks

White Buck shoes are as classic Spring as they get.  Spring after spring gentleman in the south have been breaking out their white Bucks.  As sure as the flowers bloom, girls wearing sundresses and taxes, the spring has brought us Bucks, year after year.

Well now Bucks can be found at stores everywhere, for good reason.  White Bucks are commonly only sold by classic shoe makers like: Johnston & Murphy, Crockett & Jones and Alden.  Our favorite versions of the Bucks are modern takes on this classic shoe as offered by J Crew and American Eagle.

J Crew is selling their version of the White Buck and Dirty Buck for around $140.  These bucks have a modern texture and color offerings.  A true tribute to the classic.

American Eagle has a pair of Bucks on sale for around $30.  These are a distressed version of the shoe with a very modern silhouette.  These certainly meant for nice suits, but they can help liven up your jeans.

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