Friday, February 26, 2010

Classic Shoes With a Twist


We all know that a pair of kicks can really change an outfit and help you stand out. Women certainly look at shoes a lot more then men, trust me they notice when you are rocking a new pair of shoes. At Modern Dignified we enjoy classic items with a twist, whether it is shirts, jackets or shoes.  It is great to have the iconic shoes in a closet, but it is even better to have memorable and stylish shoes that are not worn so often by so many people that they become a clich√©. Keeping a unique voice with our style is certainly important at Modern Dignified.

VAEL Project shoes are just that, stylish, classic with a modern twist, unique and not yet on everyone's feet. VAEL Project shoes are high quality, well made and quite stylish, but still reasonably priced. The shoes are exactly what we look for at Modern Dignified a way to express our unique style without fitting in with a pre-defined subculture.  Take for example the Apres boot in black or brown it combines stylish components of a hiking boot and a work boot, while still keeping its own voice. This boot looks appropriate for a night in the city or a quite weekend in the country, a versatile boot with high end construction, yet it is only $215.

Another example of the unique style that VAEL Project offers, is the Deckard boot. It is the VAEL version of a boat shoe turned into a boot. It is combat boot combined with a boat shoe twisted into a modern stylish boot.  This is a bold look and not right for everyone, but it certainly has the style and design to get recognized in a good way. The Deckard boot is also reasonably priced at $220, considerably less than most boots of similar style.

VAEL Project also makes the Deckard boot in a mid height. This is a shoe that can be worn day in and day out with almost any outfit in the closet.  It can be worn to the office or on a weekend, it is a versatile and adaptable shoe. It is also sold in a style called: Charles, which comes with a more rugged sole that adds outdoorsmen style to the boot. Whether you choose the Charles or the Deckard mid, the boot is certainly Modern Dignified's favorite of the VAEL collection. Keeping with the well priced
trend, this boot is $150.

Most of the boots and shoes that VAEL sells come with different color combinations and styles. Take for example the Brogue boot, a classic shoe with brogue detailing turned into an everyday boot. It epitomizes classic styling turned on its ear, but done in a rakish way. The brogue boot has a variety of colors and looks, but our favorites are the classic black and the brown with red buffalo check detailing. This boot sold for $160, once again offers versatile fashion in a unique design. The addition of the red
buffalo check, is exactly the unique style that VAEL seems to channel.

Looking at the VAEL Project trainers, they seem to have found a way to mix colors and designs in a new way, while still feeling classic and timeless. The shoes we at Modern Dignified like are the Klipspringer Mocha, the Borg Metallic Gold and the Borg Frog, all selling for $130. The Borg Frog combined green, black, yellow, gray and off-white into a single cohesive shoe. The sleek shape and timeless lines for the shoes help keep it stylish while the designers at VAEL Project manipulate colors and textures. The Borg Frog has textured leather mixed with smooth leather and a recognizable sole.

If you want something different, classic, modern and stylish, VAEL Project is worth a look. Edgy and unique while staying true to the classics.

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