Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring Essentials - Crew neck Sweatshirt

The most common Spring 2010 Trend we have seen, aside from rolling up the pant legs, is the crew neck gray sweatshirt. This is a look that is seen in every spring fashion show, but is not spotted in stores. It is a vintage look that harkens back to Steve McQueen in the Great Escape (even though his
is blue).

Then Esquire copied the shot for a recent photo shoot using a horribly ugly Steve McQueen wannabe mannequin. With all this modern technology, this was the best they could do as a representation of his face? Did they think no one would notice? It looks as bad as Heidi Fleiss' lip on Celebrity Rehab.

GQ even jumped into the mix with this outfit.

J Crew released an image of a fleece crew neck (top of post) as well as had one featured in their Spring 2010 look book (above), but we have yet to see it in stores.  Except this (just above) $250 crew neck cashmere sweater, which is way too rich for what it is.

Recently, Band of Outsiders joined the party using a crew neck sweatshirt under a suit at New York Fashion Week.

The vintage look, requires a heathered gray sweatshirt, with a triangle stitch at the neck. Orvis makes one, featured above for $69, which can be bought online.   Hopefully, others will reach stores this spring. The crew neck sweatshirt is a nice alternative to the sweater or the t-shirt.  At Modern Dignified we would wear it under a jacket like McQueen or over a shirt like J Crew and GQ show.  Yet another vintage look that is coming back, since it is so stylish.

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  1. Been on the hunt for a nice crewneck sweatshirt. Thanks for posting this!